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Profile of Mrs. TEI

Thank you very much for checking our blog.
I'm Mrs.TEI.☺

This spring in 2019, because of new challenge of my husband, we moved to Iriomote island, Okinawa which is closer to Taiwan than to main islands of Japan.

Hearing "Okinawa", you might imagine I'm kind of outdoor person, but it's not true.
I don't like (hate?) insects and many of my hobbies are indoor type, except for fishing. (;^ω^)

Here's a page for my profile.
If time permitting, please take your time and get to know who I am~.

Who is Mrs.TEI?

Let me start with a short introduction of myself.

SpecialtiesCray craft, English
HobbiesLatte art, Fishing, Camera
Favorite foodFruits(strawberry & water mellon)
Previous jobTrade admin
Present jobOffice work、Web writer

People tell me that I'm well-organized and diligent.

I myself think I'm also a bit coward and worrier, though... (;^ω^)
My anxiety is like these;

" Everything would get moldy, how serious it is?" --> Bought lots of dehumidifying kits

" What if harmful insects come out at home?" --> Wash each kitchen wrap with detergent

These are some examples...
I'm doing my best, though, given many helps from my positive darling! 🙂

I'm the one who loves Iriomote, but not the one like " I love insects and suntan!"
I don't want any of them!☺ lol

from Birth to Now

1 year ago, it didn't even occur to me that we would move to Iriomote island, Okinawa.

Life is so interesting, don't you think?


Born as the eldest.

I enjoyed playing around in near parks and rivers.

My grandma grew vegetables and I loved to have those fresh =)


Before starting kindergarten, I was in Hokuriku area because of my fater's job.

Thanks to my parents, I enjoyed staying there, eating delicious seafood and playing in ocean (summer) and in snow (winter)!

We moved to Tokai area in order to enter kindargarten.
At this time, I liked drawing and writing letters to my parents.

Elementary school

When first grader, I wore T-shirt even in cold weather as it was popular among classmates. (^^;) Now it's unbelievable...

When upper elementary grades, I belonged to the school brass band. The reason was, their uniform was so cool! 🙂

Junior high school

I got sunburned during brass band, so changed the club activity to school orchestra when junior high.

Also changed musical insturument from trumpet to clarinet.

High school

I was crazy about Harry Potter and read the books in English, couldn't waiting for translation.

When high school, I was a member of Japanese tea celemony club.

Besides, as I was no good at sports and my P.E grade was poor, I became more and more indoor...


Entered foreign language university, I started to live by myself.

I missed my family a lot, but I could overcome as they came to see me almost once a month.

Studying hard, I also worked hard as a cram school teacher in order to make money to study abroad.

When junior, I realized my dream of studying in U.S.A.♪

I stayed in Seattle, where Starbacks Coffee was founded. I became a coffee addict.

After coming back to Japan, I travelled abroad and visited about 20 countries ☆
At that time, I had wanted to live in foreign countiy in future.

After graduation

I got a job in a trading company and exported electric parts to factries almost all over the world.

3 years later ~ (2008 ~)

I got to know my husband at a drinking party.
Please check "History of us" for more story of us.

We went on a domestic trip a lot.

There're many favorite cafe and restaurant in Kobe.
We visited Kobe almost every weekend when we started dating.

2013 ~

After he went fishing with his customers, my husband started to enjoy fishing again.
(It's been almost 20 years since he went fishing last time.)

Since then, he wanted to go fishing every weekend.

I had no interest in it at that time, but as wanted to spend day-off together with him, I followed him and enjoyed taking pictures and having stacks beside him.

I did enjoy those time, but because it looked like so much fun, I got interested in fishing gradually.

" Let me try fishing~♬"

That was the first step into the fishing world for me.

2014 ~

The more fish I could get, the more I'd like to fish. lol
We started to go fishing not only by train, but by rental car.

On weekdays, I spent most of the time before PC, so spending time in nature on weekends has become a really relaxing time for me.

Even though we couldn't catch fish, it was so much fun to travel fishing together~.

2015 ~

At a fishing spot, we met our fishing teacher of our destiny!
We hit it off and enjoyed fishing together from that time.
It was a really good encounter for us.

In addition, we've been so lucky to meet many other wonderful people through fishing and hobbies.

It is our treasure to be able to get along with them.
It'd be a lifetime friendship!


Finally we got married and my heart was so full for words.

As we handmade lots of wedding items by ourselves, preparing ceremony was tough, but so much fun.

We were celebrated by our family and guests we love.
It was a happiest moment of my life.

After the party and honeymoon, we've heard my husband would be transferred to another area as he had worked in one area more than 10 years.

Though he liked the company he worked, his dream changed and he wanted to quit the job and start a new life.
(I'd like to write about this more in details another time, as this post is already pretty long...)

Before the transfer was decided, we made up our mind to move to Iriomote Island, Okinawa.

Move to Iriomote

In Apr 2019, we moved to Iriomote Island in Yaeyama islands Okinawa!

Now my husband works as a keeper of semi public inn. I work as a part-time office worker and web writer.
We're busy doing our best in a new place.

New life, new culture, new way of life...
Everything is unique to us!

I'm anxious whether I can get used to, but also I'm looking forward to see how I feel, think of and react to those new things!