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Thank you for visiting!

Hi. Thank you for your visiting! ☺
I'm Yoshie TEI and my husband is Akihiko TEI.

We've got married in 2018 and just moved to Iriomote Island, Okinawa JAPAN in Apr 2019. 🌴

As we were from city area, it's our first time to live in island, even far from the main island of Japan! 🌺
Assume island life is completely different from the one we lived before, we're now very excited and anxious about new life here.

That is the reason, we started this blog. 📝

New culture, new way of life, new job,
lots of surprises, lots of difficulties, but lots of smile and happiness ...

We will experience those and would like to share with you! ☺♬

It'd be so wonderful if you follow us and enjoy our new journey together. =) ✈

About us

Title of this blog means, "Mr.&Mrs.TEI has just started island life."

Mr. TEI Akihiko
 --> Profile in details is HERE.

Mrs. TEI Yoshie
 --> Profile in details is HERE.

History of us

Here's the story of Akihiko and Yoshie.
It started about 9 years ago...

Aug. 2010

We met for the first time in the drinking party held by our colleague.🍶

During the party, Akihiko was in a bad mood (;^ω^) as he was too busy to enjoy drinking on that day.
(His senior almost forced him to attend the party.)

Hadn't known this, however, first impression of Akihiko was not good at all.
I'd thought " I would never see him again." lol ☺

After that day, he emailed me some time but I replied a little unfriendly... ( Now that I think back on it, I feel very sorry... 💦)

Sep. 2010

Someday, I wanted to go to see a movie, but none of my friends had time.

Then, I remembered Akihiko and asked him to come with me, thinking " it's OK cuz we don't need to talk during movie. ♬"

When I met him, however, he was really kind and nice guy, totally opposite from the first impression! ✨
We went dinner after the movie and had a good time together. ☺

Oct. 2010

In order to see cosmos flower field, we drove to Awaji island for our second date. 🌸

During car drive, even the silence was really comfortable for me.🚙
That was surprising, but because of that experience, I felt we might be together for a long time.

After the drive date, we went on a date several times.
On 31 Oct, Akihiko became my boyfriend~♡☺

Apr. 2011

Akihiko proposed marriage to me. ☆☆☆
My answer was of course, Yes♡(*ノωノ)♡.

Jun. 2011

On summer vacation, we visited Yaeyama islands for the first time. 🌴
Staying in Ishigaki Island, we also went to Taketomi Island and Iriomote Island.

Each island is unique and attractive.
We were fascinated and swore ourselves to come back next year. ☺


Visiting Yaeyama islands became our annual fun event! ☀

First we enjoyed sightseeing in Ishigaki, but we liked Iriomote Island more and more as we could experience rich nature.

We fully enjoyed trekking, mangrove kayak, fishing and so on...🐟
As Akihiko loves insects, he's very good at find them.
It was faster than local guides! ☺

When a new moon, we were amazed by the sky completely filled with stars.🌟
We changed our destination from Ishigaki to Iriomote Island.🌴

Jan. 2018

It took a long time, but finally, we got married on 11 Jan
v(^ω^)v yayyay!

Feb. 2018

On 18 Feb, we had a wedding at Kitano, KOBE. 💐💒
I feel so thankful to be able to have a wonderful time with my family, friends and colleagues.♡♡♡

After the wedding party, we went honeymoon to PARAU! ✈🌴🌺
It was my dream to go to tropical country for honeymoon.
Thank you very much, Akihiko, for making my dream come true.♡☺

Our hobby is fishing, so we enjoyed fishing so much!
I really wanted to fish bluefin trevarlly and got it! yayayay~!! ♬ 🐟🌺

Jul. 2018

Congratulations for 10 year working, we had 10 days off.

There were lots of places we wanted to go, but we decided to come to Yaeyama as we couldn't miss it! lol ☺
We stayed 7 nights in Iriomote Island and 2 nights in Ishigaki Island.
Fishing a lot, we did have a good time. 🐟

During this trip, Akihiko told me he'd like to manage his own inn. 🏨

I was surprised a little.
But seeing him long time, I knew he was truly interested in management as there're many entrepreneurs around him.

I knew he would try very hard in order to make his dream come true.

Therefore, I couldn't be against him.
... at that time, I had assumed it'd be much more later though. (^ ^;)


We happened to know there held Okinawa Iju (=to move) fair in Osaka.
Attending the fair, we hit it off with town office workers and representatives involved in Okinawa moving project.🌺

Akihiko told them enthusiastically that he'd like to manage own inn in the future.
Then I realized his seriousness.


Started to consider moving to Okinawa seriously, we visited Iriomote not for travel, but for checking whether we could live or not.

Where would we live?
What job we could have?
Are there stores?
How expensive is the commodity price?
Many insects????

and so on...
Though we asked lots of questions, people living in Iriomote answered very kindly. 🌸

Oct. to Nov. 2018

After visiting Iriomote, Akihiko and I researched and discussed a lot.

" I do like Iriomote Island, but hate insencts... can I live there? "
" We must change our jobs if we move to Iriomote Island, can we manage to pay a living wage? "

Though Iriomote Island is our favorite place, I couldn't help but feel anxious.
I got stressed out for a while.
On the other hand, however, there's one thing I believe in strongly. That is,

 I'd rather regret something I did than something I didn't do.
 The happiest time of life is to be two of us with big smile.

You only live once.
When you find something you want to do, you shouldn't lose your chance to do it.
That is my motto.

Seeing Akihiko finds his dream and is doing his best, I made my mind to work hard with him.

Feb. 2019

Every time we told our graduation from companies, we got lots of encouragements, heart-full words and gifts so much. 🎁

We knew how much we were loved.
We can't thank them enough... so greatful to meet them.

With gratitude to them, we determined to do our best. ✊🔥

Mar. 2019

1 month before moving.
I had thought we could feel relaxed, but that was pie in the sky.
We had hectic days! We did

Packing, official documentation, shopping, disposal of oversized garbage, attending seminars of new job, spending time with our family and friends and so on...

For the last 3 days in Osaka, we had no sleep!!
I thought we would fall down... 💦

On 31st, we arrived at Ishigaki airport without trouble~ ✨

Apr. 2019

We, Mr. and Mrs. TEI started new life in Iriomote Island!

We're very excited and anxious as the life in island is totally different from that of before.
Step by step, we'd like to get used to island life. 🌴

Hopefully, our island life would be full of smiles and happiness