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Original Island Dish by Akihiko vol.4 *after fishing*

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Now we're very happy to be able to get fish pretty often compared we couldn't right after coming here♬(*´▽`*)💕

So I'd like to post about fish dish again~☆(・ω・)ノ

(Please also check fishing dish #1🌴)

Original Island Dish by Akihiko vol.3   *after fishing*
Original Island Dish by Akihiko vol.3 *after fishing*Hi! 🌺Akihiko cooked the fish we caught the other day! ✨(≧▽≦)So, I'd like to talk about fishing dish this time~.🐟Please also check the ...

Fresh sashimi is SO delicious!

・Rainbow runner
・Variola louti
・Okinawa spinach
・Flat lemon

When you catch a lot of fish, don't you like to eat them fresh as sashimi?💕

I know it's hard to clean fish to sashimi, so I'm always thankful to Akihiko.☺🍀
He's very good at using knife and tries a lot so that he can do better.

As for me,,, I practiced once when I was in Osaka, but it was really difficult to fillet a fish into three pieces.
Besides, I didn't like to touch internal organs, so I gave up..((+_+))

Anyway, if you eat fresh fish sashimi in Iriomote, you'd like it!

Roasted bananafish salad

・Pink pepper
・Okinawa spinach
・Flat lemon

Another bananafish dish is here! Cause we had lots of them and had to eat them! 💕( *´艸`)

Look at this roasted salad.
Isn't pink pepper cute?
This I assume Akihiko bought for Christmas party when we were in Osaka.

Because of cute pink pepper, the salad became instagrammable. lol ✨

Only eating pink pepper is a bit too spicy, but with roasted fish and vegetables it was very tasty!🍴🌺(*´▽`*)

Iriomote Fishing Journal ~1st fishing~
Iriomote Fishing Journal ~1st fishing~After moving to Iriomote island, we were busy with unpacking, tidying up and being used to our new job. Because Akihiko's off is not always weekends, it was ...
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