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Mysterious flower, Barringtonia Racemosa, blooms only 1 night in Iriomote

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Do you know the flower "Barringtonia racemosa" ?

It blooms only 1 night and falls the next morning.
Fleeting, but beautiful flower, "Barringtonia racemosa"

This time, I'd like to tell you about Barringtonia racemosa, a mysterious flower of Okinawa~🌴(*´ω`*)


What is "Barringtonia racemosa" ?

Barringtonia racemosa is a tropical flower you can see in southwest islands of Japan.

As it blooms from 30-60cm length stems hanging down from the tree, it's called "Sagaribana" in Japanese. "Sagari" means hanging down and "bana" means flowers.

It's easy to remember, isn't it?? 🌺

What you can see as pink and very thin are stamens of Sagaribana.
White 4 parts are its petals.

Pink stamens are graceful and very attractive in nature.
Also, it has vanilla like flavor and makes us feel comfortable with its sweet aroma.💕( *´艸`)

Why is Barringtonia racemosa a mysterious flower?

Barringtonia racemose (Sagaribana) is evergreen plant, but blooms only one night in early summer.
Besides, it flowers not during daytime, but at night.🌛

Around 21:00, when it becomes dark after sunset, Sagaribana starts to bloom and be in full bloom about 0:00 at night.🌸

Then the following morning, almost at the same time of sunrise, Sagaribana falls from its tree.

Because people are asleep and don't notice Sagaribana blooms and falls, Sagaribana is called mystical flower.

Only one night lived, but sweet and elegant flower, Sagaribana

How mysterious...(*´ω`*)✨

When can we see Barringtonia racemosa?

Including Iriomote island, Sagaribana's blooming season is from mid-Jun to Sep, but best season is from the end of Jun to Jul. ✨

When typhoon comes, stems and buds are blown away. 💦

You can ask of nature guides whether Sagaribana is in blossom or not as many guides offer Sagaribana tours every year.☆(´∀`)b

Where Barringtonia racemosa blooms?

①Hinterland of Mangrove forest

Sorry, you can see Sagaribana (Barringtonia racemosa) very small on the ground in this pic..🌸

I took this pic when we enjoyed trekking to a waterfall through jungle in Iriomote.
(That's why Sagaribana is shown very small... (^_^;)💦)

When sun rises, Sagaribana falls like this.
Were you able to make an image where it blooms?

In many cases, Sagaribana is raised in Okinawa main island, Miyako island and Ishigaki island.
As for in Iriomote island, you can see lots of Sagaribana grows wild. 🌺

Sagaribana cannot live in brackish water as it's not mangrove.
Wild Sagaribana grows in wetland of fresh water, depth of mangrove forest.

It's not easy to go into jungle at night.

That seems another reason why Sagaribana is mystic flower. ✨

②Residential area

1. Iriomote Island:Shirahama「Uminchu no Ie」etc.

It's a little difficult to see wild Sagaribana in jungle at night, but don't feel sad, there're also raised Sagaribana in Iriomote.

One of the places is where Akihiko works, "Uminchu no Ie" in Shirahama area.🌴✨

If you stay the night there or visit in the early morning, you can see Sagaribana blooming as in this pic.💕☺

The number of wild Sagaribana is much more than that of raised, but some people love its beauty and grow in their garden in Iriomote, too.

Besides Iriomote island, you can enjoy Sagaribana in whole Okinawa area.
Here're some idea of Sagaribana spots~🌟(/・ω・)/

2. Ishigaki Island:Tafuku Noen, Hirakubo Sagaribana etc.

In Ishigaki island, you can go to see Sagaribana easier than Iriomote as you can drive to the place!

During the best flower season, you can also enjoy illuminated Sagaribana.

・Tafuku Noen:
・Hirakubo Sagaribana area:

3. Miyako Island:Soedo Sagaribana

At nights of Sagaribana best season, Ohanami(flower viewing) event is held!
In 2019, it was from 25/Jun to 4/Jul. So if you're interested in, please check the event next year☆

・Soedo Sagaribana:

The best way to enjoy Barringtonia racemosa in Iriomote♬

Sagaribana in Iriomote (Reference:Youtube totoronomori3)

Well, in order to enjoy Sagaribana ( Barringtonia racemosa) the best, I'd like to recommend Sagaribana viewing tour by kayak in the early morning.

You can see sweet pink flowers of Sagaribana floating on a river surface and it is breathtaking beauty of jungle.🌺

Unfortunately I couldn't join kayak tour this year...💦

I'd love to go kayaking next year and take pictures of floating Sagaribana!💕(≧▽≦)💕

If you're also interested in, come and check Sagaribana in next early summer!

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