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Though island, NO fish at store in Iriomote!?

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We're asked following questions from our friends, who know our hobby is fishing.

「Do you often go fishing?」🎣
「You eat lots of fish, don't you?? ♬」

In fact, we seldom enjoy fishing now, as busy working and doing our best to get used to new life here.( ;∀;)

Though it's difficult to go fishing, we'd like to eat fresh, delicious fish!
But here's one thing we noticed after moving to Iriomote island.

That is...


You can't find fish at store!!

You might thought "Are you kidding?", but no... I'm serious!! ( ̄□ ̄|||)

If you go and check every store in Iriomote, you can't get any whole fish.

I'm pretty sure that there's tons of fish in the sea as I've got a lot during the past trip in Iriomote island Okinawa.🐟🐟🐟

Even so, you can't find fish section at stores of Iriomote.
All you can get is sliced fish (sashimi) of tuna or sunfish...

Besides, there's no fish dealer!! oh my god! ( ;∀;)

We've never imagined we cannot buy fish...
This is one of our most shocking news of Iriomote!

As we eat fish so frequently in Osaka, we want it badly...(;´Д`)💦


Wondering why no fish at stores, I found 2 main reasons.

Reason 1. No Market

There's no fisherman's association or market in Iriomote island.
That is, people haven't distributed fish at all from long time ago.

As there's no market, it'd be difficult for stores to display and sell fish everyday.

No one knows who goes fishing.
No one knows how much volume of fish fisherman get on that day.

Without stable stock, store owners don't purchase fish regularly.
And this is why we can't get fish at stores...( ;∀;)

Reason 2. Fish is what you catch by yourself

This is also the reason of why there's no market in Iriomote island.

After all, for the people living in Iriomote long time, fish is not what you pay for, but what you catch by yourself.🐟

In southern island, temperature and humidity is high all year long, so it was also difficult to keep fish fresh after fishing.🌴

People living here take only what they can eat.
Should they catch a bit too much, they give away to their friends or neighborhood.

By doing so, they've enjoyed blessing of nature and lived in nature for a long time.

I think, people bartered with each other more often and didn't think of selling in the past.

Now Iriomote became one of the most popular tourist site.
More and more people work in tourism industry and don't catch fish by themselves.

And it became apparent "no fish is sold at stores."

Then, how can we get fish?

No fish at stores. Yet you can get it by doing bellow~!

  1. Be good at fishing
  2. Make friends with people who take you fishing regularly
  3. Get to know fisherman (and hope you can get fish by them lol)
  4. Get fish in compensation for some labor
  5. Participate in local events and eat fish dish

Wondering which way is the most effective... (*´ω`*) lol

For your information, we could get fish by "3" and "4" recently♬(≧▽≦)

5 fish of this page top is what I got for labor on past holiday~💛( ´艸`)
Common lentjan, Grouper, and... what name??

Well, Akihiko cut it to sashimi and it was very delicious!! 💕(≧▽≦)💕

I do thank you, who gave me fish.! m(_ _)m
(And thank you, Akihiko, for dressing! 🐟☺)

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