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Mr.&Mrs.TEI lives in 660m2 in Iriomote??

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Now, as of mid-Apr, we live in Iriomote around 20days.

There're still short of cleaning and short of furniture, our house has become comfortable ♬

"Where do you live?"

I was asked a lot of times when in Osaka.
I understand, when we go on a trip, we seldom check local house, do we?

Here, I'm going to write down not only where we live, but how our house is decided.🏠


There's no real estate company in Iriomote

When you think about how to find room in city area, you might imagine going to real estate company and asking them available room.

However, you cannot find any real estate company in Iriomote island.

Some land of sale is handled by real estate company in Ishigaki or Okinawa main islands, but there's no info of apartment.

Then how can you find it?

In Iriomote island, you can find room by following way.
The most popular way is to live in a dormitory as a part-time worker.

  1. Get a job as tour guide or in hotel (its owner prepare where you live)
  2. Get information of apartment by people living in Iriomote
  3. Get a job as community-reactivating cooperator (paid worker from government up to 3 years)

As for us, Akihiko got a job as community-reactivating cooperator.
So, town office worker kindly prepared where to live for us.🌸☺

Sudden change of house, 3 weeks to move in!

As Akihiko works in Shirahama area of Iriomote island, our room was also planned in Shirahama. 🏠

It turned out to be impossible to live in the house of Shirahama, 3 weeks before our moving.

So we couldn't inform our previous company where to live.
Also, because address wasn't confirmed, we couldn't start sending our baggage.📦

We were surprised and thought wow, but those who really felt anxious was maybe our parents. lol

The reason was, we were too busy to start packing... (;^ω^)

And because we knew the office worker helped us was really trustworthy.

A few days later, he found us a house in Sonai, next to Shirahama area! ✨

1DK with huge garden

I was very interested in the house!

But it was difficult to go and check as it's already 2 weeks before moving...
So, I asked him about it and got the following info 🏠;

  • detached house
  • 2 rooms (dining room & Japanese-style room)
  • no drawing of house
  • garden is about 660 square meter
  • 3 mango tree & 1 guava tree

・・・Sounds interesting, doesn't it? (*´▽`*)(●´ω`●)

Rental independent house with so big garden, with simple 2 rooms.
We have no idea of size of storage as there's no drawing. lol ☺✨

On top of it, Mango tree!! 🌳

We've lived only in apartment, so we couldn't imagine at all to have such expensive fruit tree in our garden. Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!


Besides these, there are citrus depressa, hibiscus and shell ginger.

We haven't been in garden yet, so it's not sure whether it's really 660 square meter or not. 🙂

As there're lots of grass, we must mow the lawn soon...

Never cultivate fruits or vegetables, I'm dreaming of fruits harvest.

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