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Access & Good value plan to Mariyudu & Kanbire Waterfall.

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Speaking of Iriomote island, you cannot forget about jungle!

Most of the Iriomote jungle is undeveloped and there are almost no paved streets.

Even to the famous waterfalls, you need to walk through animal trails.🌴 So it's almost impossible to get there without nature guides.

Among the waterfalls, however, do you know there's one you can go by yourself?

It is Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls!

We got to get there a few weeks ago! (≧▽≦)♬
So I'd like to inform you about this~🌟(*´ω`*)


Where're Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls?

Mariyudu waterfall and Kanbire(Kanpire) waterfall are located upper stream of Urauchi river, which is the longest river in Okinawa.

Its length is about 39km.

Thanks to its rich nature with lots of mangrove, there live about 407 species of fish and it's the best in Japan!

Mariyudu waterfall is located about 10km from downstream boat dock of such great Urauchi river.

Kanbire waterfall is futher 0.6km upstream of Urauchi river from Mariyudu waterfall.

See? Both waterfalls are in the depth of jungle of Iriomote island!🌴

What are Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls?

①Mariyudu waterfall

Mariyudu waterfall is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan.✨

The water drops about 20 meters from 2 step fall.

"Mariyudu" is named after the round shape of 130 diameter waterfall lake.

"Yudu"→(stagnant) pool

From the viewing spot in jungle, you can enjoy the full view of Mariyudu waterfall and impressive power of water.💪

②Kanbire waterfall

It's about 0.6km walk from Mariyudu waterfall.

You'll arrive at Kanbire waterfall whose name means "seat for God."

The rock surface is about 200m wide.

With water's roaring sound, you can enjoy dynamic and magnificent view of Kanbire waterfall.

You can get close to the fall, bathe your feet in the cold water and enjoy lunch or nap at river side.♬(≧▽≦)🍴

Access & Good value plan to Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls♪


Because both waterfalls are located inner depth of jungle, you cannot drive to the place.

We take a pleasure boat and walk from downstream boat dock.🌺🚢

Uehara Port
 ↓ Shuttle bus or Car rental(15 min.)
Urauchi River
 ↓ Walk (2 min.)
Urauchi-kanko Info desk
 ↓ Walk (1 min.)
Downstream Boat Dock
 ↓ Pleasure boat(30 min.)
Upstream Boat Dock
 ↓ Trekking(30 min.)
Mariyudu waterfall
 ↓ Trekking(20 min.)
Kanbire waterfall

It takes about 50 minutes (one way) to waterfalls.

The road to Mariyudu is not an animal trail. As in the following pic, it's a little paved so that you can walk easily.👍

The road to Kanbire, on the other hand, is a kind of animal trail.
You need to watch your step, but don't feel nervous! You won't get lost.

It is "jungle trekking!"

■Fare to waterfalls

You don't need to make a reservation for Urauchi river cruise and Jungle trekking to Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls!

Arriving at Urauchi river, get a ticket at Urauchi-kanko ticket desk.☆👛

Urauchi River Cruise
AdultJPY 2,200
ChildJPY 1,100

As a comparison, if you want to see waterfalls other than Mariyudu & Kanbire falls, you cannot go by yourself and need to ask nature guide.

Therefore, price is about 7,000yen or up for half-day tour and more than 10,000yen for one-day tour including insurance and rental fee of beach sandals etc.

I do like to join a tour and get to know animals or plants hearing stories from nature guide, but it's also great if we can go to waterfall by ourselves, isn't it?

■More valuable plan!

Now you know Mariyudu and Kanbire waterfalls are reasonable falls to visit, but here's a more valuable plan for you!

That is, get advance online ticket for Utauchi river cruise AND high-speed ferry round-trip from Ishigaki✨

If you get a ticket by this way, total 1,260yen off!!! 💕 Isn't it really reasonable??

High-speed ferry & Urauchi River CruiseOnly High-speed ferry
AdultJPY 5,500JPY 4,570
ChildJPY 2,700JPY 2,300

In order to buy this discount ticket, please check the following ship companies' HP!(≧▽≦)🌟

Trekking Schedule to waterfalls

Including 1 hour of Urauchi river cruise, necessary time is announced about 3 hours.

Cruise is 6 times a day.
On holidays in May (GW) and in summer, they offer 1 more boat. (7 times a day)

Depature time9:009:3010:3011:3012:0012:3014:00
Start trekking9:3010:0011:0012:0012:3013:0014:30
Free time to waterfalls(2h)(1.5h)
Depart upstream dock11:3012:0013:0014:0014:3015:0016:00
Arrival time12:0012:3013:3014:3015:0015:3016:30

If you'd like to take a long nap or enough rest beside Kanbire waterfall, 2 hour is not enough at all!!

In that case, let's ask boat captain to change the departure time of return boat.😉

For your information, taking the 6th boat allows you only 1.5 hours trekking time.💦

So if you'd like to visit 2 waterfalls, take the 5th boat at the latest!!

What to wear and take to waterfalls?

Even though road to Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls is easy to walk, it's still in jungle. So you'd better wear shoes not sandals.

In case it rains, clothes you can get wet is a best choice☆

As for a list of what to bring, please check the following post.♬☺

Oh I should tell you there's no stores or vending machines once you leave downstream boat dock.

So prepare your drink and snack or lunch before getting on boat~☆

Highlights of Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls

From our own experience, here are some highlights of Urauchi river cruise and Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls! When you visit, don't miss these! 🌟(*´▽`*)/

I took this picture when getting on boat at downstream dock.
Around the dock and mangroves, you can see many kinds of fish♬🐟☺

A view from pleasure boat on Urauchi river.
Impressed by the beauty and power of the jungle, we couldn't stop taking pics.( *´艸`)📷

River side when the tide is down.
Get excited to look at roots of mangroves.♬🦀

You can see Sakishimasuonoki (Heritiera littoralis) from the boat! ✨

Arrive at upper boat dock☆🚢 Many rocks are delivered by water from the further depth of jungle when typhoon etc.
Because river water is so clear, you might feel like staying a day here. lol

At the entrance of trekking road.
How about taking pics with this sign for your trip memory?( *´艸`)

You can see Sakishimasuonoki (Heritiera littoralis) this close! 🌳✨
How mysterious big roots!!

Fern grows so thick in jungle.(*´▽`*)
Enjoy finding small springs like the above.

There happened sliding down accident in the past, so you can't go down to the side of Mariyudu waterfall.
Even so, enjoy the dynamic scenery of plenty of water drop into a huge pool.

At Kanbire waterfall, take a rest and enjoy your time♡

Returning from the falls, how about cooling yourself in beautiful river?
You can also have fun looking for fish and fresh waterprawn♬ (≧▽≦)

Oops! Thank you for reading this long writing.(;^ω^)💦

It'd be great if you get interested in Mariyudu & Kanbire waterfalls!

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