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Commodity price of Okinawa Iriomote island

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When travelling, aren't you interested in commodity price of destination?
Is the price of island reasonable or expensive? Which is true?? 🌴(^◇^)

I'd like to tell you about commodity price of island which I learned after moving to Iriomote.👛☺


Overall, commodity price is expensive.

As there's no airport in Iriomote island, ship is the only transportation to deliver goods.🚢

Goods are shipped from Ishigaki island by passenger boat and cargo boat.
Because of freight, commodity price becomes higher when arriving at island.

In addition, price would be higher and higher according to distance from port.(@_@;)

There are 1 or less store per community in Iriomote island.

As distance from port is different of each store, commodity price becomes also different depends on shop.

Price comparison

In order to confirm the price difference, I checked some commodity on one day.👛

price of exampleJapan Main island Iriomote island
about...near portfar from port
milk180 yen320 yen330 yen
butter 410 yen500 yen630 yen
shimeji mushroom100 yen140 yen-
lettuces130 yen190 yen-
egg (10pcs)160 yen250 yen-
ice cream100 yen-160 yen
beer 500ml per can190 yen220 yen-
cup noodle150 yen190 yen200 yen
detergent300 yen420 yen480 yen
toilet paper 12 rolls330 yen450 yen-

As you can see in the table above, milk and butter is very expensive on island! 🍳

It's almost twice as that of Japan main island!!
Can you believe it?! (^_^;)

<The reason why dairy product is expensive>
・You need to keep cool during transport
・People seldom use dairy product when cooking Okinawa dish

Because dairy product is expensive, we seldom see it in store.
You might not be able to find butter, yogurt or cheese especially when far from port.

Therefore, when I find my favorite yogurt, I always get excited. =)

On top of it, when Akihiko gets it for me, I'll be so happy forgetting tiredness of that day! (≧▽≦)💛

How much is gasoline in Iriomote?

Now you know commodity becomes expensive due to ocean freight.
Then, how about gasoline?? 🚙

I also compared and result is bellow.

Japan main islandIriomote islandabout 26% up!!
Gasoline per 1 litre130 yen164 yen

As imagined, it is more expensive in Iriomote island!! (;´Д`)💦

When calculated, it costs approximately 1,200yen higher for 35 liter per car...

You can never live without car in island, so it cannot be helped,,, but it's not wallet-friendly at all..( ;∀;)⛽

Though gasoline is expensive, you don't need a big car here unless you're tour guide.

So in that means, we might be able to save money for car tax, inspection and gasoline per car.

I feel it expensive, though.. (´・ω・`)💦

Anything less expensive on island?

I'm sorry for making complaints...(;^ω^)

There is also some food you can get at very low price. 🌸
Low price means・・・for free♡ ✨( ´艸`) yay!

Here's an example of what we got for free after moving to Iriomote☆

  • boat meat
  • fish🐟
  • sea weed
  • pickled vegetables
  • flat lemon
  • Pine apple🍍
  • Awamori =sake)🍶
  • Rice

Do you want to know what is low-priced and not what we get free?

Then..., almost all goods are expensive on island, but reasonable food is as bellow♬

Japan main islandIriomote island
Pine apple500 yen~?50 yen~ (depends on size)

・・・Only pine apple...?! (>_<;)

Commodity of island is either expensive or for free.

There's nothing whose price is somewhat reasonable... (^▽^;)

So far in Iriomote island, we felt "expensive!!" or "wow for free~" for price at store. ✨☺

There're few leisure spots and restaurants in Iriomote.🍴
If you go to Ishigaki, you might pay a lot but here, you can save those money.

Because of specific difference between what you get in island and what you cannot, price becomes totally different.

When you're short of money, all you should do is to enjoy yourself fishing in island! (≧▽≦)

It's important to balance when you pay and not pay.👛
I think that idea is same in island or in city area.

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